Access Statement.


Our own off road parking has a smooth tarmac surface and the car park is well lit.


There are 15 steps to the entrance. The steps are shallow with a “rest” after the first 7 steps, then another after the next 4 steps.

There are “no stairs” inside the property.

The steps are well lit with 2 lights and a strong handrail.

There is an alternative way which involves 4 steps and a walk around the garden.


The entrance door opens away from you with a low threshold, and it has a lever handle. This brings you into a large dining room with plenty of space around the tables.

The corridors are 1 meter wide and the bedroom doorways are 32 inches.

There are no stairs inside (like a bungalow).

The bedrooms are carpeted with movable furniture.

The en-suites have laminate flooring. There is one step into the shower cubical.

Keith and Elaine live on the premises and will assist wherever possible.